Error reading input dataset while running docker container

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I successfully pushed my docker image to the Trigger Detection shared task. When I try to run the container on the validation set as the input dataset, I am getting the following software output log: “Error: Invalid value for “-i” / “–input-dataset-dir”: Directory “training-datasets/pan23-trigger-detection/pan23-trigger-detection-validation-20230210-training/” does not exist.” Do you think the problem is on my part or yours? Thanks for your answers.

Edit: This is how I run the code: sh -c “cd /hierarchical;ls; python3.10 --input-dataset-dir $inputDataset --output-dir $outputDir”

Dear @ucsahin,

Thanks for reaching out!
TIRA currently injects currently $inputDataset and $outputDir as relative paths.
For that reason, they point to invalid locations at the point when you switch the directory via cd /hierarchical.

We already have an issue to switch $inputDataset and $outputDir to absolute paths, but given the close deadline, it might be faster to adopt the software, i.e., that your command becomes python3.10 /hierarchical/ --input-dataset-dir $inputDataset --output-dir $outputDir.

I will reach out to you via a direct message to resolve the problem.

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