How long will it take me to get a reply to the results I uploaded via email

I’ve been submitting my results by email for a day, and sending email inquiries has been blocked as spam


I checked your upload and evlauation run and unblinded them.

Hi Dear,

Could you please clarify how did you submit the solution via email?
To which email did you send?

Thank you very much.

Hi, I send to
I attach great importance to this competition, and I am worried that my results will not be received. I have submitted my results both on the mailbox and virtual machine in the previous line

Hello! I have submitted the results through the task platform, please ask when will I get the results of the review.

Hi, I also have submitted the results through the task platform for days, Could I get the score?

PAN usually releases the results on the test datasets between the submission deadline (27th) and the camera-ready deadline of CLEF. This means we will reveal scores and at best tell you if your upload succeeded.

For any divergence, please contact the organizers of your respective task. You can find them, for PAN, on the website

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