How to submit a run on the test set

I am not able to understand how to make the submission, I already have a machine and a model training on my machine, where is the test file directory?

hi, Do you know how to submit it now? I don’t understand the software command mySoftware -c $inputDataset -o $outputDir
if you know how to submit, please tell me. Thank you very much.

python3 -i $inputDataset -o $outputDir
The file is in the home directory of your VM.
The variable $inputDataset contains a string that is the path where the training or test folder is.
The variable $outputDir is the path where you must save the prediction files

If someone in the organization can check this answer for me, I don’t want to give anyone the wrong information.

Dear Claudio,

yes, that is right.

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I would like to ask, is the test set sent now? I finished running it very quickly, and I saw all the hidden information .


the administrators of the respective task “unblinds” the run as soon as they reviewed your run.
You are only afterward able to see that information.

(This is done to ensure that no test data can be leaked)

Has this answered your question?

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Okay, but have you already put the option to select the test set (you can look at the print of my other post)? It doesn’t appear here for me.

I am Sorry, I do not fully understand what you mean.

Do you ask, if the test set is already available for the shared task in which you want to participate?
In what shared task do you want to participate?

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Yes, the test set is there:

I want to know why, when I take the test dataset, it suppose to run a long time, but I quit after more than ten minutes. I am wondering whether the test set has not been completed yet, and if we submit the results, should we finish the test set by ourselves, or should internal staff help us run it?