Issue with "UPLOAD SUBMISSION" - Continuous Loading and Error Response (Status Code 500)


In the “Task: pan23-trigger-detection,” I tried to submit my prediction results by using the “UPLOAD SUBMISSION” feature. However, after submitting the file, the page kept loading, and I did not receive any indication of a successful submission. I attempted to investigate the issue by capturing network packets and found that upon clicking the “upload” button, the corresponding upload request received a response with a status code of 500. Additionally, I kept receiving responses with “running_evaluations: true.” Could you please advise on how to resolve this problem?

Here are two screenshots corresponding to the issue I encountered:

屏幕截图 2023-06-01 153209


One of the devs will look into this, but it might take a few hours until there is a fix.

Have you tried uploading your submission again (maybe after reloading the page) and checked if there is the same outcome?


Hi Matti,

Thank you for your response. I understand that it may take a few hours to fix the issue, and I appreciate your team’s assistance.

Yes, I have tried uploading my submission again after reloading the page, but I encountered the same outcome. The page continues to load without providing any confirmation or success message.

Is there any additional troubleshooting step I can take, or should I wait for further updates from the development team?

Thank you,

Dear Joe,

I am currently looking into this, and think it might be something like an unexpected file size (i.e., that an web server on the way to TIRA drops the request or something like that).

I contact you in a private message.

Best regards,


Dear all, the problem is now resolved in the private message.

Best regards,