My Dockerized Software does not write to the output directory during Sandboxing


Our submission to the task 1 of touché is implemented in a docker image.
Although everything works as expected on our machine, the Virtual Machine does not create the run.txt when we run our software in TIRA.

What could be the problem/solution?

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Hi Danik,

Thanks for reaching out!

I had a look into your Virtual Machine, and the problem is that docker is installed as snap package in your VM. Docker’s snap installation has two minor issues in TIRA (I describe solutions below), but the official docker installation works out of the box.

I would recommend installing docker in your VM as described in the official docker installation guide. This will solve your problem.

You can also stick to the snap installation of docker, but there you have two things to handle:

  • Ensure that the docker executable is on your PATH (e.g., just run /snap/bin/docker instead of docker)
  • Do not mount $outputDir directly as volume mount in your docker run command. Instead, mount a local directory, like ${PWD}/out and move in a subsequent step the content of ${PWD}/out to $outputDir (e.g., mv ${PWD}/out/* $outputDir). One has to do this with snap’s docker because each snap application has its own /tmp directory (i.e., its actually /tmp/snap.docker/tmp/), but TIRA expects /tmp as output directory.

(We have solved the problem mentioned above in a private chat, but hopefully, this explanation helps later submissions.)

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We have now updated the ubuntu image of the virtual machines. I.e., for new virtual machines, the docker installation is now correct and works out-of-the-box during sandboxing.

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