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Thanks very much to Johannes and the Touché team for ValueEval and getting the results out to us all!

Where can I go to retrieve view the original file submitted to a task? When I click on the “DOWNLOAD” option in the “EVALUATION” pop-up page I get a zip folder of the results but not the original file.


Hi Ethan,

Next to EVALUATION there is INSPECT. When you click on DOWNLOAD there, you get another zip, where the output directory contains the file you submitted (named “run.tsv” in case you submitted by upload).

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Thank you! I just tried that but it gave me “Server Error (500)”. Should I try again later today?

Can you please try again? I just tried to download your files, and for me it worked.
Maybe it was a short-term hiccup?

Best regards,


Hi Maik,

I tried again and got the same error. I’m using Firefox and tried both regular and incognito windows, along with using Google Chrome (both regular and incognito window). I’ve tried both on Ubuntu 22.04 and Windows 10, same Server Error 500 result either way. The image below is what I see when I click on “INSPECT”.

Should I keep refreshing and trying to download it?

Hi Ethan,

I think I got it. I have to extra-unblind the run so you can download it again. Just did it for you and the test dataset, will now do for all others…

It worked!! Thank you for all your help Johannes and Maik!!