Additional VM resources


I need some additional disk-space on the VM to unpack my software (ca. 14GB, currently only 3.5~ is free).

I also suspect that 4GB ram will not be enough for the ensemble model, 8GB is likely to be sufficient (and judging by the “Slow running speed” post i also suspect that an additional CPU would be greatly beneficial as my model is somewhat slow. Considering the submission deadline is approaching).

Hi Eivind!

You’re very welcome to more resources. I would however need to power off your VM in order to add them, so please let me know (by replying to this thread) whether it’s safe for me to do that, and I will add the resources.

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Sorry for the delayed response, I am ready whenever :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance! Cheers.

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I’ve restarted your machine with additional memory and processing power. Have fun!