Announcements for Task 3: Image Retrieval for Arguments (2022)

I’ll use this topic for announcements regarding the task. You can watch the topic by clicking on the button with the bell icon and selecting a respective option.

Feel free to comment on announcements here.

New Dataset Version


  • Removed 13 images where the XPaths were irregular due to faulty HTML (thanks to team Aramis for pointing out this problem!)
  • Removed images from the training data that are no longer in the dataset

New Dataset Version


  • Added missing images (557) and entries in the rankings.jsonl related to topic 25
  • Added the script that produces a run file using only the rankings.jsonl

New Dataset Version


  • Removed 1211 images for which different HTML parsers provided different image XPaths. Thanks to team Aramis for detecting these!
  • Removed 5 images from the trainings-qrels accordingly