[Clickbait Challenge at SemEval 2023]: Early bird software submission in two weeks

Dear participants of the Clickbait Challenge at SemEval 2023,

we hope that you are successfully developing your clickbait spoiling approaches.

This is a gentle reminder that the early bird software submission deadline is December 1.

When you want to create an early bird submission, run your software on the datasets “task-1-type-classification” and/or “task-2-spoiler-generation” in TIRA. Instructions and a TIRA quick start can be found at [ Clickbait Challenge at SemEval 2023 - Clickbait Spoiling ]. When you need help or when you have questions, just use our forum at [ SemEval23 Task 5: Clickbait Spoiling - TIRA ].

If you prefer submitting a run file instead of deploying your software, please contact us so that we can give you access to the data.

Best regards,
Clickbait Challenge team