[Clickbait Challenge at SemEval 2023]: Early bird software submission in two weeks

Dear participants of the Clickbait Challenge at SemEval 2023,

we hope that you are successfully developing your clickbait spoiling approaches.

This is a gentle reminder that the early bird software submission deadline is December 1.

When you want to create an early bird submission, run your software on the datasets “task-1-type-classification” and/or “task-2-spoiler-generation” in TIRA. Instructions and a TIRA quick start can be found at [ Clickbait Challenge at SemEval 2023 - Clickbait Spoiling ]. When you need help or when you have questions, just use our forum at [ https://www.tira.io/c/semeval23-task-5-clickbait-spoiling ].

If you prefer submitting a run file instead of deploying your software, please contact us so that we can give you access to the data.

Best regards,
Clickbait Challenge team

Dear Froebe,

Thank you for posting about early bird submission.
We want to know about early bird submission in more detail.

What are we expected to do in early bird submission?
Can we submit our model by the normal submission deadline without early submission?


Dear Hiroaki,

The early bird submission aims to provide you with early feedback on your submission (e.g., does everything run without problems, or does your software fail on some data points?).

For instance, you can upload your model and run it on the validation and test data, and we have enough time to give you feedback and help in case of problems.

No worries, you can submit to the normal deadline without any problems.
We can also extend the early bird deadline if this helps you.

Best Regards,