ComboBox of Docker files is disabled

Hi guys,

I load my docker images and that is good but when I tried to select the image to run cannot.

I don´t know if exist a problem with mi dockerimage or someting…
Do you know the problem?

Dear Daniel,

Thanks for participating in the shared task and for reaching out!
The frontend is indeed misleading there, sorry for that.
(We currently rebuild the frontend with vuetify to improve the usability, so we will get rid of such usability problems soon.)

The kubernetes cluster that executes the software can only run docker images with amd64 architecture (which the frontend does not clarify at the moment, but we will improve upon this).

Can you please build your docker image again with adding the argument --platform linux/amd64 to your docker build command and upload again? Then you can select the image and run it.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of further problems.

Best regards,