Cross discourse authorship verification command standard


In the program introduction, it says the submission command should be mySoftware -i EVALUATION-DIRECTORY -o OUTPUT-DIRECTORY but what EVALUATION-DIRECTORY should I choose? The example was not that clear.
Also in the docker submission page, it asks me to do mySoftware -c $InputData -r $inputRun -o $outputDIRECTORY

I’m very confused at the moment on what should be the command.

Please advise.



both commands mean the same, the CDTAV just uses other variables.

$outputDirectory is the OUTPUT-DIRECTORY
$inputRun you can ignore, unless you want to use a previous model output as additional input.

Tira will replace these variables with the actual paths to these directories. How your software’s CLI takes these variables (-i, -o, -c, …) does not matter, you have to write it yourself anyways.