Error: Invalid value for 'ANSWER_FILE': 'local-copy-of-input-run/*.jsonl': No such file or directory

I uploaded my docker image to tira and tested it in the terminal. It can generate a tira-output folder, which contains a .jsonl file. When I execute RUN on the tira website, I can’t see the results.

The training set is there only for completeness. You have to choose one of the smoke test sets.

Sorry, I don’t quite understand how to do this. The only datasets provided to me on the web page are these three:

The smoke and tiny-smoke sets are for you to check whether your system works (they are not the final test sets, but they have the same format). The train set is the same dataset that you can download from Zenodo and it cannot be run through our evaluator.

But why is this the result page when someone else’s file is uploaded?

Hi, sorry for the confusion, this is not the upload of someone else, this is the execution of your software on the datasets. We run uploaded software on the datasets to ensure that it runs and contact the participants if there is a problem.

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Thank you for your reply. So what I want to ask is why I can’t see the score after running my software on Tira, and I don’t know what the error is.

Dear Jack,

I had a look, you dont see scores because the software did not produce an output.

I will contact you in a private chat to help to resolve the problem.

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