How to add someone to your team


here I show you how you can add another user to your Team, so you can participate in a task in collaboration.

  1. Open the hamburger menu.

  2. Click on Groups to go to the group management menu.

  3. Click on the card of the team to which you want to add someone.

  4. Click on Add User

  5. In the pop-up, click on select, then search for the username.

  6. Select the user you want to add from the search results.

  7. (optional) Make the new user an owner so that he can invite other users too.

  8. Click on Add to confirm.

  9. The new user should appear in the list of users. he can now visit the software page.

There is no add user button for me. How can I add my team member to the virtual machine? @MattiWiegmann

Hey Dhaval,

Due to some elusive bug, you need to contact any admin (i.e. me) first to get ownership of your own group. I’ve given you ownership, so the guide should work now.