How to make an upload submission


If you have direct access to a dataset, you can make an upload submission. That means you determine the answers or results to the dataset (the run) on your own hardware and just upload a file with the answer.

Here I show you how to make an upload submission.

  1. Find the appropriate task in the list of tasks (or search for it)

  2. Click on Submit to go to your software page

  3. On your software page, switch to the UPLOADS tab and select the file you want to upload.

    • If your results consist of multiple files or folders, you can zip them and upload the zip file instead. Please make sure that the results (as expected by the task or dataset) are directly in the root of the archive, and not in an extra folder.
  4. Select the appropriate dataset from the dropdown

  5. If your inputs look good, click on UPLOAD

  6. If your upload was successful, you can now see it in the uploads table. Click on EVALUATE to get the scores of your uploaded answers.

  7. The scores of your answers should appear below your upload as an evaluation run.

Your task organizers will now review your upload and evaluation. You can click INSPECT to view their feedback, once it has been provided. The first icon indicates if your run was ‘revealed’ and you can see the output. The second icon indicates if your evaluation was accepted and now appears on the Leaderboards.

Dear Matti,

Thank you for your efforts.

Can you please clarify how to zip multiple folders without the parent folder ?

When I zip the solution folders by default a parent folder is created including the zipped folders.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

I hope I understand this question correctly.
In the file browser of all major operating systems (Finder, Windows Explorer, or Nautilus), you can select multiple files or directories by clicking CTRL (or command on mac), then right-click any selected file, and click on compress (or send to → compress on windows).
You can also create a zip first and then drag additional files onto it.
You can also pass multiple paths to a command-line utility (zip), although here I would refer you to the respective man page or other documentation.

Dear Mr Wiegmann,

should the submission be made as a Json as in your example or in another file type? Could you please also tell me if there are any specific guidelines on how the file with the predictions should be structured or where I can find information on this? I know that there are only a few days left until the submission, but I would still be very grateful for an answer.

Yours sincerely,

Jenny Felser