How to run the software to load test data?

I want to run the software in Virtual Machine,
I imitate the example code,I run my software with:
python3 /home/yihuiye22/home/ -c /media/test-datasets/pan22-authorship-verification/pan22-authorship-verification-test-20220511-test -o /tmp/yihuiye22/2022-05-15-10-27-24/output

but get the error,There are no test files in the path

In Tira,is my usage correct?

The problems are structurd as in the training set (I guess at least, since we do not have any transparent access), i.e. there are “problem-1.txt”-, “problem-2.txt”-, … -files in the input folder ("/media/test-datasets/pan22-authorship-verification/pan22-authorship-verification-test-20220511-test").

Hello, did you run successfully and get the results?
Can you tell me how to set the command.It has been three days since the administrator revealed my results, but it still didn’t run successfully.