I need help from the organizers

Dear organizers:
I accidentally deleted the program that has been successfully executed.Can the organizer restore my program from the background? Or can I resubmit my program now, but I may have missed the deadline.
I’m really sorry I made this mistake.I don’t want to miss the competition.

Hey ZiwangLei,

no worries, we will check your deleted submission (if it was successful), but just in case please try to execute it again.

Hey, kolyada:
Can you help me see if my program is running normally now? The page just showed that it was closed.Thank you very much

The answer I submitted was deleted about an hour ago. I sincerely hope to find it,thank you.


the software that you executed with your last run is running fine as I can see, it’s current output shows the following tqdm progress bar:

47%|████▋     | 305/655 [32:55<38:34,  6.61s/it]

Very thanks for your help, I have completed another two submissions. If I can, I hope to see my results.


I checked your last run and it is successful. The task organizers are regularly reviewing all the submissions and unblind them. Your runs should be reviewed very soon.