Number of runs for final submission

Dear PAN team,

How many final runs do we have for the submission (Tira)?

What is the test set for final evaluation? I see multiple (5) sets called “pan24-generative-authorship-test”
Do we have to evaluate all of them?

And finally, Time zone for submission deadline?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Dear Andric,

Thanks for your participation and for reaching out!
For the generative authorship task, we are still creating some final test datasets, so there might be one or two more.

The Time zone for submissions is Anywhere on Earth, but it is a rather “soft” deadline.
We will run all submissions on all the additional test datasets, for the moment, it is enough when you run your software on the smoke and on the first test dataset, we will run the rest via a script.

We do not have maximum number of submissions, right now it looks to be realistic to run all submissions on all datasets. In case there are too many submissions, we would contact you to select a reasonable subset that we then run on all datasets. (but right now, it looks like we have no problem with executing all submissions on all datasets.)

Best regards,