PAN 2024 Oppositional Thinking Analysis Task Submission Deadline Extension

Hello, we have registered for PAN CLEF 2024, the Oppositional Thinking Analysis shared task, the deadline for which ended on 30th May 2024. We found that the submissions are still open. Can you please confirm till when the submission portal will be open, we would like to use the time to improve the model. We would require until the weekend for that. Could you please confirm if the portal will be open till then?

Dear Darrshan,

Thanks for reaching out and for participating in the task!
I am not sure if future uploads/submissions will be exported and included in the task.
Could you please reach out to kico (dot) rangel (at) gmail (dot) com to clarify this? (from the submission section of the task page.)

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


Will reach out, thank you for the prompt reply.

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