Permission denied - docker submission

I got this error running a docker submission.
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/scripts-3026-35963/step_script: line 174: / Permission denied
What does this meaning?

To me, it looks like an error with the command.

TIRA (currently) ignores any Entrypoint, Workdir, or CMD options set in the container. Please try to set the complete command, i.e.:

python3 / --input $inputDataset/input.jsonl --output $outputDir/run.jsonl

Thanks for your answer.
My run is failed again but I got different issues
“Job did not run. (Maybe it is still submitted to the cluster or failed to start. It might take up to 5 minutes to submit a Job to the cluster.)”

Is this still a problem? I’ve seen some of your docker submissions work, so I guess you resolved it yourself?
Otherwise, can you point me to the run that fails?

(Sorry for the delay, the notifications were offline for a few days)