Problem connecting to VM with RDP

Thank you Matt, Now I have trouble connecting from Windows to the Ubuntu VM via remote desktop connection. Is this gonna be possible with openSSH rather? Can you support me? the error is simply to contact your admin…

I can’t seem to find a trusted openssh app

Hey kobby,
unfortunately I cannot seem to get RDP running on my Windows machine either (but also I’m not very experienced in using Windows). SSH using OpenSSH works fine for me though.
Anyway on my Linux machine I do not seem to have any issues connecting to your VM via RDP or SSH.

If you want we can try to solve this in a private chat.

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Sure @bgrahm. I would so much want that. Is there a private chat option here? we can chat privately. Send me an email. Thanks

@kobby’s issue resolved itself. RDP connection was working fine but the keyboard layout of their PC and the VMs keyboard layout differed from each other, which led to a wrong password input.

Be aware that this might cause login problems with your virtual machines if your password has certain characters. Our virtual machines use the british/american (QWERTY) layout when connecting with RDP.