Problem with integrating dataset to TIRA

Hello. We have run into a problem when testing the integration of our dataset to TIRA.

The command we ran is based on the given tutorial:

tira-run --output-directory ${PWD}/dataset-tira --image luckycoincidence --allow-network true --command ‘/ --ir_datasets_id processed_data --output_dataset_path $outputDir’

The name of the image is luckycoincidence, and the dataset is processed_data.jsonl. Considering these, we are confused on why the command results in the error:

ValueError: Could not load the dataset processed_dataset. Does it exist?

It clearly exists, yet the error persists. Are we perhaps missing some keywords?

Dear @chamiira,

Thank you for reaching out!
The problem is likely that ir_datasets does not load your class because your python file is not loaded. I.e., the python file is likely at the wrong location. Can you please send me a link to your git repository in a private message so that I can look into your source code? (this is likely faster than writing multiple messages.)

Best regards,