Regarding the submission deadline

Hello, I recently found this interesting shared task and started analyzing the dataset.

As I analyzed the dataset, I discovered that there are more challenges than I thought (e.g., ambiguous question, long context, and multi-span extraction), and concluded that it would be difficult for me to complete a sufficient solution by the deadline.

So just in case, do you have any plans to extend the submission deadline? The deadline seems a bit early compared to other SemEval 2023 tasks, so I leave a question just in case.

Thank you.

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Dear Sanghwan,

Thank you for your interest in the task!
Yes, we have room to extend the deadline. A general extension of the deadline by two weeks is realistic (e.g., January 24), and we might provide even a bit more on an individual level.

Would this be enough for you to participate? We are always open to individual solutions.

Best Regards,


That’s great! I think two weeks will be enough. Thank you.

Best regards,
Sanghwan Jang


We are also struggling with the difficulty of tasks (especially multiple span extraction part), and we will be appreciated if the deadline is extended.

So the deadline is now officially changed to Jan. 24 as mentioned in in the thread?


Yes, we will extend the deadline to January 24, I will officially write this to all participants Today and Tomorrow.

Thanks and Best Regards,