Test set was not reviewed after submission

Hello! I’m having a small problem here.
After I upload the test set, click on the evaluation screen and it says “This run was not reviewed yet.” And I can’t see my test result score. In addition, the top of the tira page also displays “Error: Error fetching endpoint: /api/review/arguments-test-20221205-test/touche23-arthur-caplan/2022-12-30-15-06-45 with 405”. The details are shown in the figure。

Should I upload it again? Also, the upload of this test set did not get results, will this consume the number of uploads that can only be uploaded four times per group?
Hope to get your early reply, thank you!

Hi Kilo

On the submission deadline you can tell us which 4 of your runs you want to count. But we will check to ensure you do not select a failed run. And if your runs failed, you will get a few days to resubmit. However, you should best test on the validation set beforehand to make sure it all works.

Thank you for your reply!
However, when I open the test set results, the interface still displays “The run was not reviewed” as before, and the 405 problem still exists. I still can’t see the test scores. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yes, sorry for not being clear: you will see the test scores after the deadline (end of January).

I now checked your run and it seems fine. No need to worry :wink:

Oh,i see!
Sorry, this is my first time to participate in this kind of task. I don’t know these rules very well.

Best Regards!