The issue with submitting the paper

My paper has been submitted, but it hasn’t appeared for review yet, and there are no revision details either. I would like to ask what might be the issue. Thank you.

Dear @daytoy,

thanks for reaching out, the details have been send by CLEF via EasyChair, you can log in to Easychair to see the reviews and upload the camera ready version. EasyChair also did send the camera ready instructions.

Maybe those mails went to the spam folder?

I see that the last mail that EasyChair did send to you was on Jul 06, 12:59 UTC.

@evazangerle Do you know if there is something that we could do, because it is now already after the camera ready deadline?

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Dear all,

as I have also just written in my previous mail to daytoy, I assume that the editors are currently checking all the papers. Given that there are more than a hundred papers for the full CLEF working notes, this simply takes some time. Please be patient, it will probably be check soonish.

There is nothing to worry about, this is just the usual process.

Dear Professor

I would like to ask about the deadline for the review of papers, because my papers are still unreviewed, so I would like to know the situation.Does this mean that the review process ends at 23:59 CEST on July 11th?

Best wishes.

Yingzhou Huang

Dear Daytoy,

the proceedings are created by the CLEF chairs, so we do not have any more information. However, given that they currently have to check dozens of papers, I expect this process to take some days.


Dear Professor

How can I get in touch with them?
Best wishes.

Yingzhou Huang


there’s no need to get in touch with them. They are checking the papers and if there is an issue with your paper (which I do not expect), they will get in contact. So currently, please be patient, there’s nothing to worry about.