Tira repository login

The username and password I used to login tira, failed with authentication of webis repository.

Therefore when I am building my docker image, there was no response executing

docker build -t registry.webis.de/code-research/tira/tira-user-st491/my_semeval_t5:0.0.1 -f - .

Does anyone know how should I login to the webis repository?

Dear Shirui,

Sorry for the inconvenience, usually you would be added to your team in TIRA when you use the invitation link that I send out upon registration, but maybe I misconfigured your invitation link.
I now added you to your team Brooke English so that you can now make submissions as this team.

I.e., for the clickbait spoiling task, you can make submissions here: https://www.tira.io/task/clickbait-spoiling/user/pan23-brooke-english

There, you have also can find your credentials for the registry to upload images, (i.e., the docker login -u tira-user-pan23-brooke-english -p ... part under Docker Submission -> Upload Images -> Push the docker image.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of further problems or questions.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you very much for participating in the task!

Best Regards,


Thank you, I would have a try maybe today or tomorrow.

Cool, thank you!

Best regards,


Is there any limitation on the file size of each docker layer?
I copied all the models into the image, which has a total size of 10G, and then the largest docker layer got stucked in the end when pushing.

should I keep waiting?

Dear Shirui,

Yes, adding all models to the image is correct!
There is no upper limit for the size of the docker image, we only have a limit of 12GB per layer (and I can further increase this limit if required, so please do not hesitate to contact me in case you have larger layers).

I hope your upload was successful in the meanwhile?
I am not exactly sure what the docker registry does at the end of pushing a layer, maybe it calculates a checksum, which maybe takes a short moment of time when the layer is 10GB.

But I would hope in the meantime, your upload finished successful?

Best Regards,