ValueEval submission

I am trying to submit a run using “Upload Submission”.
However I can not select a file, the system keeps loading.
Am I missing something evident or is this a known issue?


I am sorry for the inconvenience. Can you try to reload the page? There are sometimes hiccups in the system. But it now works for me.

Thank you.
I was able to submit. Actually the issue seems to be when you first select a dataset (other than the nyt) and then go to submit. If you go directly to submit it works and you can select the dataset your are submitting against at the time of submission.

Dear All,

I also want to apologize for the inconvenience and want to thank you very much for reporting the problem!
We aim to improve the usability of TIRA substantially, so your feedback is very welcome. I have an idea of how we can improve the usability in the case mentioned above, and we will report the progress in this GitHub issue.

Best Regards,



I have uploaded a submission but since some hours it says that the submission has not been reviewed yet. Can you please check it. Even if the scores are hidden, i would like to know if at least the format was correct so that i can make further submissions in the same format.


I am sorry, I have been in meetings for the last couple of hours. I also got your mail now. Please be patient a bit longer. I will soon review all runs submitted to the test sets.

You will not get the results on the test set before the deadline, though. The leaderboard of the test set contains only runs submitted for the early bird deadline (and our baselines).

But you should be able to see your scores on the validation set when you click on “evaluation”

Hello, thanks a lot for your clarification and the response.
I was able to see the results on the validation dataset now post review.