VM request for Authorship Verification

Hi there, I’d like to participate in the 2021 Authorship Verification Challenge. It’d be great to test out my code in the early bird submission phase.


Hey Rafael,

To participate in a task at PAN, do the following:
(1) Register for PAN at pan.webis.de. [Link]
(2) Request a TIRA VM with this form. [Link]
(3) (If you already have an account) Tell us your Tira account name after requesting a VM.

You can find this in more Detail in PAN’s FAQ here.


Thanks Matt, I have registered and requested the TIRA VM.

Hi Matt, I have an existing account and also received VM details today. Can you please connect my account Name is kobby


Hey kobby.
You’ve got access to the VM. Please find the connection details here:

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Hi Matt.
I have an existing account.My TIRA account is currently not associated with a virtual machine. I’ve emailed the sponsor.Can you please connect my account Name is FosuOne.


Hey @FosuOne,
can you please give information on which working group you belong to?
VMs are associated with groups so that everyone from a working group has access to the same VM.

Hi bgrahm,
Excuse me,the virtual machine I need to apply for is about the task of Style Change Detection 2021. Our team’s name is FosuOne . What should I do?


Hi, We are the school team. Team name is FosuOne. And we have finished the task about 2021 style change detection, So we want to set a VM to submit the result. Thanks!

Hello, you can create a virtual machine for me, I requested it via the form too. User claudiovaliense

Hey @claudiovaliense,
your account seemed to be on set on hold. This is resolved now and you have received access to your VM.

Hi! I have registered and requested a virtual machine. This is the TIRA account, CBagdon