How to register for a task

This guide shows you how to register for a task on TIRA.

If you want to join a colleague who is already registered, check out this guide.

  1. From the start page, find the task you want to register for and go to the task page.

  2. On the task page, click on Register New Team. This should open a new pop-up window.
    Note that not all tasks may require registration.

  3. Fill out the registration form. Fields with a * are required. In the Team name dropdown, you can choose one of the offered names for your new team.
    Note: If you want a custom team name, please contact your task organizers and ask them to add it for you.

  4. Click on Submit Registration. This will create your new Team for you and add you. If you want to add a collaborator, check out this guide.

  5. There should now be a new Submit button on the task page, which will lead you to the submission page. If you are in multiple teams, this button will ask you which team you want to submit for.